Give Me Trees Trust Joining Hands with iTree

Give Me Trees Trust has been running a movement on Urban Forestry since 43 years. The organization was founded by the environmentalist Peepal baba in the year 1977and registered as a charitable trust in 2011.

In the tenure, GMT has planted and conserved more than 20 million trees across the nation as a team with the support of Indian armed force, Air force, Government Agencies, Schools, Universities, Corporate, and Villages and so forth and has propelled a large number of individuals to deal with the earth. The nonprofit organization is on a mission to safeguard and protect the native trees of India including shade trees, fruit trees and shrubs. 

We aim at bringing all the entities together to spread knowledge, penetrate in the various aspects of environment and instill the value of forestation. Therefore, GMTT manages educational programs on environment in the schools, colleges, corporate and communities. 

We thank our more than 11,500 volunteers from all over India for effectively supporting us in planting and sustaining the saplings to become huge tree columns. We are confident that a superior land is made so our next ages can live sufficiently only if we receive immense support and services.

Every one of us is observing a change in climate and food crops due to rampant cutting down of woodlands and agricultural malpractices, henceforth we started working in the ground to inculcate the right techniques of forestation and natural farming.

It’s a critical time; therefore we need to responsibly start agglomerating the elements of earth that provides us all the benefits and services.

Give Me Trees is growing further by measuring the status of ecosystem services.

Give Me Trees Trust is happy to introduce iTree tool in India

What is iTree?

Urban communities are facing several adverse effects like Greenhouse gas, Air Pollution, Floods and many health concerns due to extensive decline in the number of trees. To protect Environmental and Human health, iTree tool was developed by the US Forest Service Department in the year 2006

iTree is a software programme designed for managing and arranging individual trees. It calculates canopy surfaces, instead of the number of trees. iTree calculates the yearly and future revenue and furthermore reveals insight into the unknown monetary benefits. It is a device to evaluate and manage structure, function and value of community forests.

iTree tool has two unique features

  1. Analyzes existing canopy structures and recognizes potential planting spots
  2. Estimates environmental benefits provided by the trees, such as carbon storage and sequestration, energy conservation, air pollution removal, and storm water reduction.

How does it help you?

    1. Learn to identify different trees by their features.
    2. Learn to measure and assess the health of trees. 
    3. Learn about the direct contribution of trees to an ecosystem.
    4. Gain skills in presenting scientific information, and working in a team.
    5. Learn about the benefits of trees to the economy and the community.
    6. Learn about the different species that live in trees or are benefiting from them.
    7. Get inspired to embark on a career in research and environmental sciences

Give Me Trees Trust has sought this opportunity to work together with the youth to immediately act on “No Negligence to the Environment”. In partnership with itree, we are organizing Internship program for the duration of three  months for each batch. We invite youth to actively participate in data research process using the iTree tool. The time indulged will help you avail colossal exposure.

Join us to become a catalyst for change!

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