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“Environment is not one day concern, it is our very existence….live and let live.”
Swami Prem Parivartan lovingly called ‘PEEPAL BABA’ was generations ahead of his time, in terms of recognizing the importance of trees and environment in sustaining life on Earth. In 1977 when he was just a young student (10yrs old), he started a small hobby club of planting trees. This hobby club today known as Give Me Trees has become one of the largest community based, voluntary tree planting and conservation movements in the world.
Peepal Baba  /  Founder

Over the years, GMT has planted over 12 million trees across the country in collaboration with the Indian army, Airforce, Government Agencies, Schools, Universities, Corporate, Villages etc. and has inspired thousands of people to take care of the environment. Native trees including shade trees, fruit trees, and shrubs are a priority for preservation and conservation. Education and awareness have always been a key feature of our work. Because no individual, company, NGO or government can solve the problem of environment degradation alone, it requires collaboration on a massive scale. GMT thus regularly conducts education and environment seminars in schools, colleges, institutions, corporates, and communities.

Looking at the grim urban scenario, GMT is coming up with innovative approaches to maximize urban green spaces involving individuals, as every green leaf makes a difference in fighting the havoc of urban pollution and smog. For rural areas, we are promoting natural farming techniques, perma-culture, and cause of desi cows, gobar manure, composting, waste management, water management and intensive tree planting in form of green belts.

GMT team consists of volunteers from all walks of life. Over 8,500 volunteers and interns across the country help conserve the tree saplings that are planted in various public and private places such as gardens, roadsides, highways, expressways, road medians, schools, colleges, university areas, military stations, mountains and river banks.


At the age of 10, in an ordinary school, a teacher taught about the importance of environment and how only trees can save the planet from its destruction. Charged with the determination to save the planet, this young chap started planting trees with his neighbourhood friends……This was the beginning of making of THE MAN OF THE TREES known as PEEPAL BABA.

Swami Prem Parivartan aka PEEPAL BABA is very ordinary, simple, next door guy with an extraordinary love for what he does! Always spontaneous, living fully in the moment, childlike yet firm are some of the words his friends and associate use to describe him. He was born in 1966 in Chandigarh to an army medical doctor. He is a post graduate in English Literature. He also has a Masters degree in Mass Communications. He teaches college students for a living and spends the rest of his day traveling and teaching people the art of planting trees. He has planted over 1.5 crore trees out of which 1 crore and 5 lakh trees still stand tall and are giving shade to this planet.

His mission is to sensitize people to their relationship with their silent caretakers (trees). Through his life and work, he has inspired thousands of people to protect and care for the environment. Other than being an environmentalist, he also is a spiritualist (a devotee of Acharya Rajneesh), a philosopher, a counselor and a voracious reader.

For more info on peepal baba visit: www.peepalbaba.in

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For life is because trees are!


Where are you located, your hours, and park offerings?

Our office is located at 161 G Pocket 4 Mayur Vihar Phase 1, DELHI. It is open every day from 6:30 a.m. to dusk.

Why are trees important?

For life is because trees are!

Apart from providing the living beings with the most vital element of life i.e oxygen it also provides us with food, medicines, shade, tools etc.

Trees are a long-term investment and add real value to a community. In fact, the larger the tree is, the greater the benefits are.

Read more about the benefits of trees.

How are you funded?

GMT success is highly-dependent on donations. We also receive some support from corporates and governmental agencies. You can join GMT and contribute to a Greener planet.

Can you tell me what climate-appropriate trees to plant?

For general tree selection advice, any native tree variety is good and the season from February to September is considered good for plantation. However, in case planting trees during peak summers, it is important that they are watered daily.

Can you help me plant trees on my street or at my school?

Absolutely! Our team teaches ordinary people the extraordinary skills of renewing the urban landscape by planting and caring for trees. For more than 40 years, these programs have been a vibrant model of civic engagement, bringing people together to make our cities more livable.

For further details check our DIY gallery.

 Do you sell or donate trees?

We do not donate or sell trees. The trees we grow in our nursery are used for our reforestation work.

If you are interested in getting trees in your neighborhood (street, school campus, or park) then we can help. We specialize in empowering communities to help you to improve our urban forest.

 Does GMT accept donated trees?

YES! We do accept the donation of live trees. We have a small nursery for our native species that we cultivate for habitat restoration.

Are there incentives to support me making my home greener?

GMT promotes green urban spaces and individuals who come forward to set an example for others. We provide appreciation certificate from GMT and the required guidance to create a sustainable green space around.

Do you have workshops on a plantation?

We hold free workshops on plantations mostly on plantation sites. You can contact us for details and/ or check out our videos in the DIY gallery on our website.

How can I volunteer with you?

We’d love you have you volunteer with us. Kindly register yourself under the volunteer section on the website and we will get back to you!

If you’re part of a group, organization or business you can send an interesting email at info@givemetrees.org.

What types of volunteer opportunities are there?

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities including tree planting, tree care, park maintenance, outreach, administration, creative works and any other way you think you can contribute.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can become a Volunteer Leader! We could not do our work without the assistance of volunteer leaders who provide the instruction and inspiration to make our work successful. You will have to attend a view sessions with us and later you can lead a group.

Do you offer educational workshops?

Yes! GMT keeps organizing the educational workshop in communities. In order to attend one, kindly mail us with your detail, and will update you on the workshop happening near you.

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