When the cause becomes the life itself, an ordinary man becomes
'Peepal Baba'


At the age of 10, in an ordinary school, a teacher taught about the importance of environment and how only trees can save the planet from its destruction. Charged with the determination to save the planet, this young chap started planting trees with his neighbourhood friends...This was the beginning of making of THE MAN OF THE TREES known as PEEPAL BABA.


Swami Prem Parivartan aka PEEPAL BABA is very ordinary, simple, next door guy with an extraordinary love for what he does! Always spontaneous, living fully in the moment, childlike yet firm are some of the words his friends and associate use to describe him.


He was born in 1966 in Chandigarh to an army medical doctor. He is a post graduate in English Literature. He also has a Masters degree in Mass Communications. He teaches college students for a living and spends the rest of his day travelling and teaching people the art of planting trees. He has planted over 1.5 crore trees out of which 1 crore and 5 lakh trees still stand tall and are giving shade to this planet.


His mission is to sensitise people to their relationship with their silent caretakers (trees). Through his life and work, he has inspired thousands of people to protect and care for the environment. Other than being an environmentalist, he also is a spiritualist (a devotee of Acharya Rajneesh), a philosopher, a counsellor and a voracious reader.

For more info on peepal baba visit: www.peepalbaba.in

“Trees also live, breathe, feel pain, talk and respond to love as we do. Trees are living entities, respect them.”- Peepal baba

Planted over 12 million trees in collaboration with Indian army

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